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Does Waist Slimming Corset work? Don't just take our word for it – check out these amazing results from real customers who were able to transform their figures using a daily waist training regimen. Below, you'll also find simple tips for finding the right waist trainer for your body.


For optimal results, waist training works best as a part of a healthy lifestyle. It works in several ways. First, it slims your waistline by as much as 2-3 inches as soon as you put it on. But also, it helps stimulate heat in your core, which makes you perspire more around your midsection. This is especially effective during exercise because you are essentially boosting your workout’s intensity.

Waist training works in a combination of other ways as well, including improving your posture, boosting your confidence, helping you stay motivated, and helping you have better portion control with your food. All of these factors work together as part of your personal slim-down journey. For the best results, it’s ideal to wear your waist trainer every day for at least eight hours.


Just like any healthy lifestyle practice, waist training is safe when you listen to your body and use common sense. If you are waist training with a garment that fits properly, you shouldn’t experience any pain or discomfort. You might be surprised by just how tight a waist trainer can feel if you’re not accustomed to it, but it’s a feeling you’ll get used to—and probably grow to like! But it shouldn’t be so tight that you feel short of breath or feel any pain. If that’s the case, take it off immediately! It won’t work correctly if it doesn’t fit.

We also highly recommend that you include core-strengthening exercises as an essential piece of your waist training regimen and healthy lifestyle.


That is perhaps our most frequently asked question, and the answer is: it depends. How dedicated you are to waist training, what your goals are, your natural body type, lifestyle, and genetics are all contributing factors. Generally speaking, however, most women find that after several weeks of committed wear, they start seeing noticeable results. And don't forget – many women wear waist trainers because of the instant, dramatic slimming. Be sure to take your own before-and-after photos and measurements, so you can see how far you’ve come!



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Jessica Robinson

I was hesitant because I have used some that roll as soon as you sit. These do not. I’m 200lb and got XL. The first 3 hrs I wore it, it did feel slightly uncomfortable. However after that it was awesome! So much that I showed it to my friend and ended up ordering it for her. Make sure to buy your actual size. If you get it smaller it will not look as good as if you get your size.

Jessica O'donnell

Perfect! I'm 5'3" 140lbs and 4 months post partem from my 3rd baby, I went for a xs/s and it fits perfect! My waist is 29" & hips are 39" for reference. Even though this is a brief type bottom, I don't see any panty lines even while wearing a tight dress. I like how the product goes all the way up to my bra line so as to not cut into my stomach. Not uncomfortable at all can't even tell I have one on I will definitely be purchasing a second and possibly a third! Awesome product!

Carla Sapere